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I spent this past weekend in Tahoe and started thinking about all of the people that live in the snow all winter. For us San Francisco folk, it's fun to go to the snow a few weekends a season and pretend we're snow bunnies, for others the snow, and threat of snow storms is an everyday issue. If you're wondering what you should do to prepare for snow and ice storms (and even bad wind and rain), check out my tips to keep you connected.

  • Keep your wireless phone batteries charged at all times. Use your car charger to charge your wireless phone when power is out, or pick up a disposable battery that will give you an hour of talk time without any charging.
  • Wait 10 seconds before redialing a call. On many wireless phones, to redial a number, you simply push "send" after you've ended a call to redial the previous number. If you do this too quickly, the data from the phone to the cell sites does not have enough time to clear before you've resent the same data and may contribute to network congestion.
  • For more tips, just

  • When the weather gets bad and you can't get through, try text messaging, or SMS (Short Messaging Service). Most wireless phones today are text messaging capable, and oftentimes during an emergency situation text messages will go through quicker than voice calls. More importantly, using text messaging helps free up the voice lines for emergency officials.
  • Keep your wireless phone dry and protected. The biggest threat is water damage so keep your equipment safe from the elements by storing it in a plastic sandwich or freezer bag.
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Thanks for keeping us seasonal snow folks in mind!
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