Last week's article in the NY Times about women posting their grievances online about their exes made me wonder where people are drawing the line at privacy anymore. One woman made a YouTube video divulging way too much information about her soon-to-be ex, and others are blogging about their breakups as they happen.

I'm all for catharsis, and these women may get some needed support, but I think they're revealing too much and putting themselves up for close scrutiny. I've always been cautious about even changing my relationship status on MySpace or Facebook, and not because I'm a commitment-phobe, but because it encourages an outpouring of messages and posts asking me about it, and you know what? It's exhausting and I don't feel like sharing these kinds of details with people I haven't seen in years — aside from their changing profile pictures.

But have you? Fess up — have you ever over-shared on your blog, social networking profile page, or gasp! YouTube?!