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I hit up the Apple store Saturday to grab a new iPhone case and noticed the 20-person line snaking outside for iPhone 3G S buyers. Then, on Sunday, I ran an errand across the Bay Bridge and witnessed yet another line of eager buyers.

Despite the lackluster launch day (compared to last year and the year before, anyway), there's still not just demand for the new iPhone, but enough demand that people are willing to stand in line to get it right in their hands then and there, even though you can order it online.

Although I was grateful not to have to wait for anything, I understand the desire to go to the store and have the whole "experience" (not just having to go in for tech support) — to say nothing of being able to walk home with your shiny new purchase. So tell me — do you love Apple products so much that you love to go into the store, or do you order online when you have the chance?

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kaitxo kaitxo 8 years
Store. I can't wait for much.
Shining-Bright Shining-Bright 8 years
I'd have to go to the store. Chances are, I'd have a few questions to ask before I made the purchase and I'd want to see it physically to see if I really liked it or not. I can't really tell everything about products from their images and description, so I'd feel better about going into the store.
miesha miesha 8 years
to get my iphone, i'm definitely going to at&t.
cooljamon cooljamon 8 years
i'd so much rather order it online it's like getting a gift! i love ordering stuff more online anyways and you won't be tempted to buy more stuff in-store
macgirl macgirl 8 years
I don't normally buy much from the Apple store as we sell it ourselves but I still love to go in. We had bought our iPhones from Best Buy on Friday but went by the Apple Store on Saturday as my husband wanted a case for his. They wanted us to stand in line just to go in and look at cases. Um, I really don't think so.
iblastoff iblastoff 8 years
the people making up these lineups have got to be the saddest bunch of nutjobs.
vivaciousv1114 vivaciousv1114 8 years
I go online. If only because I can pick and choose my features easier (like on macbooks). Plus I'm just lazy. I normally just go to the store to test stuff out and play around to get a feel for things.
stefie stefie 8 years
I would love to go to an Apple store and get it, but since there isn't one here in PR or maybe it'll be better going online... ah but they don't send anything to PR either so I just have to settle and go to the AT&T store and make the line... bitter... yes.
Frenched Frenched 8 years
Although I don't purchase much Apple stuff (I'm a Creative girl) I still think the experience is a lot more (and a lot more instantly rewarding) when you go to the Apple store. It just doesn't compare to online shopping.
twellve twellve 8 years
happy to hear about new gadgets/technology, but bored of all the Apple posts. *zzzZZZzzz*
margokhal margokhal 8 years
It's not about loving the products so much for me (even though I DO love them, don't get me wrong!). I'm fortunate enough to have two full-service Apple stores less than 20 min from my house in opposite directions. It simply doesn't make any sense for me to pay for shipping and actually WAITING for the products I want when I can drive to the store and have it in like 1/8 of the time. Also, I like to try out all of my products before I purchase them. You can't do that when ordering online. I want to touch and inspect them right then and there so I can ask any questions and have people to install it and show me how the thing works, so hopefully I won't have to come back. And I hate shipping things back and forth - I need service with a person who works where I can SEE them. That way I know if they've messed something up, or what to do in case the same problem arises. You just don't have that kind of access when ordering online. Also, sending big-ticket items (like computers and iPhones) through the mail can be prone to getting stolen in the mail system. They've had a rash of people attacking mail carriers just to find iPods and iPhones to steal and resell. Ordering big-ticket items online isn't the best thing to do, I think, if you can help it.
bethinabox bethinabox 8 years
I love going to the Apple Store. It's all so pretty and white and shiny. But I definitely wouldn't go wait in a line that I knew would be wicked long. But if it was just a normal day, no recently launched products, then definitely in store.
natalie12 natalie12 8 years
I preordered and picked it up at AT&T since I was switching over from Verizon and wanted to make sure my account was set up right and my number ported and all my contacts transferred. Much more satisfying than having it shipped to me and then having to wait to sort out all the contract details before I could play with it!
Segat1 Segat1 8 years
Online. I've never been to an apple store in my life. Besides, it means I can wear my PJs all day.
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