macgirl's comment about the iPhone 3G yesterday made me think: Yes, I love the excitement of the lines that form when a new, hot gadget is released, but would I stand in line for one, otherwise? It's pretty discouraging when you realize that you can walk in the very next day and wait in no line to get your new toy!

Last year, I loved the energy of being caught up in downtown San Francisco, right outside of the Apple store: the countdown of the doors opening, the employees cheering you into the store, the first customer emerging victoriously with his iPhone! It's all so geek fabulous, but then I look at the people in New York City, already lined up for Friday's release of the iPhone 3G, and I know that you couldn't pay me to sleep on a sidewalk (and watch out for the inclement weather coming your way, New Yorkers!) So, tell me: Would you stand in line for a gadget, and why?