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Last week, I learned Natalie Portman is reportedly considering taking a lesson from Justin of and "lifecasting" - as in letting a camera follow her every move and making a continuous video feed of her work and personal life online. As Catstarr so aptly noted, it sounds like a combination of MTV's Diary Show (you know the one were celebrities say "You think you know, but you have no idea" over and over and over again?) with the show.

The lifecasting phenomenon has been going strong for years, but it hasn't gained this much attention before. It's the stuff reality TV is made of: Constant, in your face raw footage of the lifecaster going about his or her daily life. has obviously become a geek god through his show, but there hasn't been a hit female lifecast star as of late. (I'm not counting ladies that drop their clothes for webcams - that is something else entirely.) Do you think you could attach a camera to your hat and go about your business, or would you be completely camera shy?

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