Day 2 of WonderCon brought one of my favorite shows back to life when thousands of X-Files fans packed Moscone south to chat with stars Gillian Anderson, my fave geeky man David Duchovny, as well as writers Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz. Indulging us with some juicy bits about the upcoming movie, their feelings about re-entering the lives of Mulder and Scully, and insights to their own upcoming projects was the highlight of the convention for yours truly.

Thankfully, I got a seat relatively early, cause the place filled up quickly! I had almost forgotten how much I loved the show, and by the looks of things the new movie — due out this July — will be a hit with the fans. Fans which lined-up by the hundreds to ask the stars and writers some burning questions.

To hear about some of my favorite moments during the panel discussion, and a clip of David Duchovny being totally "inspirational" just

  • When asked why the X-Files sequel is worth the wait, Chris Carter says that "It will scare the pants off you. And you'll get to see Mulder and Scully in a whole new way."
  • On getting back into their rolls as Mulder and Scully, Gillian said "I had a really bad first couple of days. I thought it would be easy stepping back into it. But I sucked. I just sucked. It was harder than I thought."
    David agreed by saying, "I felt the same way. I thought it was going to be simple, like I can do this. But it was hard."
  • When asked if there were any narratives or themes that she would have like to have seen on the show, Gillian revealed that she would like to have seen Mulder explore "Auto Erotic Asphyxiation." Kinky, indeed!
  • Chris Carter revealed that Amanda Peet will play a FBI Secret Agent in the film, and rap artist Xzibit will play an important role as well.
  • Gillian's own project, "Speed of Light" is coming! She promised!
  • And finally, check out Mulder giving some great advice to anyone trying to "make it" in the video below .

    All together now: Awwwwwww!