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Yelp Gets a Rival in the Decider, Courtesy of the Onion

I'm a longtime Yelp user, but lately things are getting a little crowded and messy in there. But it looks like I'll have options pretty soon: The Onion (yes, that Onion) is launching a new website for users to rate businesses, called Decider. It's not satirical, like its founder, but sincere, much like the AV Club.

So far, the only city Decider is in is Chicago, but they are planning to open it up for other cities soon, and so far, I'm a fan. The layout is clean and is sort of a hybrid of Yelp and CitySearch, employing the former's social networking and user ratings, and the latter's more formal elements, such as the editorial descriptions of businesses before the reviews.

I'm not taking sides; I can be a Yelper and a Decider — they just better get to San Francisco quick!

robertkim90 robertkim90 9 years
There is a site similar to this called they have other cities you can search. And they already have San Francisco!
I love Yelp, but it's not used very much by local New Orleanians, mostly just tourists. This is bad because the local population isn't telling people what to stay away from when they visit and they end up at places like Jacque-Imo's. Blech.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
I thought it'd be satirical when I first read the headline. I'm kind of surprised.
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