Since the Twitter whirlwind took the world by storm, I've never felt more connected to some of my friends, colleagues, and favorite celebrities.

Unfortunately, I've noticed that some of my favorite blogs — written by copious tweeters — have had posts fall by the wayside (I'm looking at you, Mindy Kaling).

And it's not just celebs — I've watched the blog posts of my personal friends decease in frequency as their twittering has skyrocketed.


For many it seems the immediacy of Twitter satisfies the need to get your voice out there — not to mention that Twitter gives you the instant gratification that blogging doesn't. You may see a comment or two on a carefully crafted rant about soy milk on your blog, but if you Twitter it, your friends (and random Twitterers) post @ replies to you at rapid-fire pace. It's exhilarating.

Anyway, I miss some of you bloggers. And I need to know: have you been blogging less because you're twittering more?