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You Can Now Set Your OnSugar Blog to Accept Anonymous, Unregistered Comments

OnSugar Tip: Turn on Anonymous Comments For Your Blog

If you have an OnSugar blog, you may have been annoyed in the past that only users registered with OnSugar could leave comments, but happily, now anyone can leave them!

Just go into your site settings and you'll now see a check box for "allow anonymous comments."

Check it (since by default, it's unchecked so that you'd only be able to get comments from registered users), and you'll be ready to unleash your blog into the commenting universe.

Jessiebanana Jessiebanana 8 years
I'm happy that my real life friends can comment now. Thanks for the heads up. Macgirl for onsugar the creator of the blog can delete any comments they want, so the atmosphere of the blog is entirely up to the creator :shrug:. My blog isn't popular enough for volume to be an issue.
macgirl macgirl 8 years
So one of my biggest beefs with other blogs is there is absolutely no accountability in the comments section. I can't even go to sites like engadget any longer as I just can't take the elementary name calling in the comments section. One of the things I love about the sugar sites is your comments are monitored and occasionally removed. While I support this option for individual blogs I really hope it isn't adopted throughout the sugar sites. I like a happy place :-)
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