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Digital Life
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Digital Life
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Will You Choose The Black or White iPhone 3G?

So, Black or White?

With every great announcement from Apple — I'm referring, obviously, to the iPhone 3G — comes a slew of important questions. What happens to my AT&T contract? When will the camera get better? Video?!

But for me, one huge question comes to mind: black or white? That's right, my slavishness to better, faster, stronger is dictating that I get the new one. Whee! Of course, the new colors are black or white (like the MacBook, get it?), and I'm having quite the time deciding between the two colors. I mean, this is the phone I'll be carrying for an entire year, so it's got to go with everything.

Black's got that chic, French quality, while the white has that classic Apple feel. I want both! What color are you partial to?

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mrskrismendoza mrskrismendoza 9 years
I really love love my black iPhone. I never had one before and when I got this one, I loved it. The white is nice, but I like th black better. :]
gabychimchi gabychimchi 9 years
i would rather have the white, but it would get dirty faster. and color actually doesnt matter because i use a case over my iphone, but i chose white.
JustBekky JustBekky 9 years
Ps. Abigail, I know this is a geek blog but you have GOT to be kidding! GREY IS FUGLY. It is an APPLE phone; the closest Apple comes to grey these days is silver! Ugh. Such a suggestion makes me wonder whether I should be amused or disgusted.
JustBekky JustBekky 9 years
I LOOOVE my white 3G iPhone. It's so sleek, and can't be easily mistaken for another model. Let's face it, there's THAT MANY black phones, dare to be different! Plus it matches my MacBook. XD
AbigailSwPeaLily AbigailSwPeaLily 9 years
By cool...I mean keeping electronics cool from heat drawing duh.
AbigailSwPeaLily AbigailSwPeaLily 9 years
They have simply got to get gray. Grays the happy medium color for cool an camouflage so no one steals.
EcstaticLights EcstaticLights 9 years
o.O Black Or White..? Black Has A More Sophisticated Look..But The White Looks Elegant & It is The Original Apple Colour... If I Was Getting The iPhone..I'd Be Undecisive..I'd Be Standing In The Store Thinking && In The End I Might Go Hmm...Lets Go For Another Phone Instead :P
Amanda-tay Amanda-tay 9 years
Having one in both colors would be best!
droguedemusique droguedemusique 9 years
white. no contest.
ChanelLover ChanelLover 9 years
White to match my ibook of course.
Luanda Luanda 9 years
Pink! Lol
allieperez allieperez 9 years
I'm embarassed to say that after purchasing the black....I now want the white. I've been calling my local Apple store for more stock. Once it's in I'm making the swap. The white is just hotter looking.
madchie madchie 9 years
I always buy my apple products in white. It should be white.
agtpeach agtpeach 9 years
i think it's hysterical that the vote results are exactly 50-50 as of my writing. apparently we collectively think like geeksugar - LOL.
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