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Are You Concerned With the New Facebook Layout?

The biggest news surrounding Facebook lately has to do with its big "redesign." It's supposed to make sharing and viewing profile content easier, but there are some people who are so up in arms about the whole thing, that they started a FB petition entitled "Against the 'New Facebook'."

Facebookers say they aren't totally against the change, they just wish they were given the option of choosing which layout they want (old or the new) and they are hoping for a splash of color as well. What are your thoughts? Do you really care about the redesign? Or do you wish you had a choice in the matter?

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candace87 candace87 8 years
I don't like it at all. It just doesn't look good.
RockAndRepublic RockAndRepublic 8 years
It's fug. There.
LilGlamDiva LilGlamDiva 8 years
I just hate that I can't find anything. I wish they would've taken peoples thoughts into consideration!
skigurl skigurl 8 years
i hate hate hate it i only tried using it just this morning after attempting to avoid, and i ended up going back to the old format. it SUCKS!
Dollylo Dollylo 8 years
I really hate the new Facebook! :barf: Not clear at all!! I just wish they let us choose as it is right now between the old one and the new one! :(
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
i prefer the new version. no more ridiculously long profile pages. plus, there are tabs and who doesn't like tabs!?
misscococherie misscococherie 8 years
i don't mind the new FB, it looks much better and organized.
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 8 years
@leeluv - I just realized you said you were part of the petition and had I read that prior to my comment I would have worded it differently! No offense meant towards you! I was just saying I don't hate it enough to join the group. :)
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 8 years
I wouldn't go as far as joining a group against the change, but I am not fond of it at all. I'm not a die hard user, but it just seems like there are too many clicks to see things now. :( I'm all up for change -- I love change. But only when it works for the better. :)
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 8 years
I prefer the old FB layout. I am part of the petition. While I like the colors and the look of the tabs, I do not like how seperated everything is.
menthadict menthadict 8 years
I don't like the new fb. I wish I could stay with the old one.
GigglyGirl GigglyGirl 8 years
oh whatever.
sundaygreen sundaygreen 8 years
I'm already so used to the new one, I don't even think about the old one. What bugs me most is the fact that people actually go to the effort of making an online petition to keep some social website from changing. honestly, i can't think of anything that's more of a waste of time (besides facebook itself).
gLam-shortie gLam-shortie 8 years
i've been using the new facebook layout is kind of annoying. I like that when you update the photos, it shoes up HUGE on your wall, but that's it....i love the old layout. it's simple and easy.... all the layout/individuality is for myspace!!!
gemsera gemsera 8 years
I only use it to email friends and update status as I'm so far away from family... BUT finding things is difficult and I ended up having to go back to the old facebook to find it. Which sucked! That said, whatever they want to do, they should do :)
Zahra-Anne Zahra-Anne 8 years
I actually like new facebook.
millarci millarci 8 years
It doesn't bother me too much.
MissFonzie MissFonzie 8 years
I don't think this is any worse than when they forced the news feed onto all of us a few years ago. Everyone was up in arms then and I feel like it would've happened no matter what now. I'm not fond of the new layout, but if it keeps those annoying apps from cluttering things to the extreme, so be it.
oliveoyle625 oliveoyle625 8 years
I don't really mind it. I'm not addicted and constantly on it.
scorpstar77 scorpstar77 8 years
I also like the new format, though it seems to me FB in general has been buggy since they introduced it. Correct me if I'm wrong, though...isn't there a link at the top of your FB home page to return to the old FB if that's your preference? Or does that link not work? Or are they going to remove that option soon? I admit, I've been a little confused about why there's such a big fuss over what seems to be a relatively minimal change with better overall organization AND an option to use the old interface if you so desire...
jdots24 jdots24 8 years
I don't mind the new facebook, I think ppl are just use to the old one and so resistant to change. The new one isn't worse than the old one, just different.
lcterp lcterp 8 years
I like it and I think it makes things much cleaner and easier since all the applications can be pushed to one page and you don't have to scroll down a million things to find someones wall or pictures. I don't think they should introduce colors or anything customizable like that. I like facebook for it's cleaner appearence, if you want to play around then use myspace.
steen steen 8 years
I see what they wanted to do --- moving the apps off the page to clean it up some --- but it's frustrating to me since I don't really use it often enough to be familiar with it. It took me forever to figure out how to configure an app and get it on a tab!
stone_soup stone_soup 8 years
I don't see what's the huge fuss about. Just get over it everyone! Change is the only constant thing in this world.
roxyro22 roxyro22 8 years
if i must adjust, i will. but i have stuck with facebook because of the simplicity of it. myspace is very ugly! the backgrounds are annoying. facebook has a clean look to it. but with the new interface, it looks busy. i prefer the old layout.
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