Bill Gates has shocked the entire industry by using some unusual vocabulary to describe his excitement for the Microsoft Vista Operating System, which comes out today. "This 'Wow' thing is a great way of describing what we've got here," Microsoft's chairman told The Associated Press on Monday as the software maker began a slate of splashy events in New York. "There are chances for wows all over the product."

Looks like Jimmy Kimmel, who hung out at the Windows Vista Lounge with Eva Longoria, Molly Sims and DJ AM last week, has already gotten a chance to take the system for a spin. Now available to the public, Vista retails for $100 to $400, depending on the version and whether the user is upgrading from Windows XP. As a mac user I'm not as thrilled as some for the new OS, but I am excited by the idea of running it on my mac and seeing what the fuss is all about. So, who is running out and buying Vista right away?