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Are You Participating in the Facebook Face Double Week?

Do You Participate In Facebook "Theme" Weeks?

According to a few friends in my Facebook feed, this week was "celebrity doppelganger" week on Facebook, celebrated by changing your profile photo to a photo of the celebrity you most closely resemble. Similarly, users celebrated "retro week" a few weeks ago by changing profile photos to a photo of them as a kid. The viral power of Facebook is pretty intense, and has led the New York Times to declare Facebook status messages are the new chain emails, citing status messages that promise to donate $1 for earthquake relief to Haiti or threatening to delete your account unless you post a certain status message.

I notice less copy-and-paste status messages among my network, but I do have many friends participating in one of the themed weeks, and had a ton post the color of their bra several weeks ago to raise awareness for breast cancer. What about you?

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