As adorable as I find Asus's EEE PC and Everex's Cloudbook as dreamy and light as a MacBook Air, I just have no need for an ultramobile PC. The Air has more memory than the two former petite PCs, but its lack of an external drive exempts it from ever becoming my main computer. As nice as it would be to travel with a tiny laptop, I couldn't leave my full-size, powerful laptop at home.

And now, with news that the latest mini laptop is a $240 paperback-sized laptop by CherryPal, the big manufacturers are starting to worry about the low costs of these PCs threatening their big machines, and in turn, their livelihood. That is — if everyone can get into them. But as of right now, they don't have to worry about me, because I'm not ready to give up my mondo storage and speed. What about you? Are you ready to switch to a teeny tiny computer?