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Are You a Remote Hog?

I know I've reached a certain amount of stability in my relationship completely based on one gadget: the remote. Though there was a day when I selfishly hoarded the remote like it was the ring and I was Gollum - and totally called out on it by my boyfriend - I am happy to report that today, our remote habits are healthy and egalitarian.

We agree on most TV shows, or we give up the remote when we've just watched something we know the other person doesn't love (I'm not into UFC or Scare Tactics, he can't suffer through reruns of 90210 or Sex and the City). All in all, it works out, but I still remember the days when I was so greedy for the remote (especially pre-TiVo when you had to click around to find something good).

So I've been honest, now it's your turn: Are you a remote hog? And if not — is there a remote hog in your life?

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