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Are You A Smart Shopper? New Gadget Can Help

Everyone wants grocery shopping to be easier and faster, so it was no surprise to me that most of you were as excited as I am about Springboard Network's new shopping cart Concierge system, a cart-mounted computer interface with LCD screen that acts as a guide through your favorite (or foreign) grocery store. Almost as exciting is the SmartShopper, which is an automated grocery shopping list device that uses voice technology to record your grocery needs and compile a neat little list.
The unit has a LCD and an embedded thermal printer that actually prints the list right out of it according to the categories in the grocery store, so all the produce items are listed together, all the baked goods together etc. For more about the SmartShopper features, just

I am not entirely sure if I would use the print feature if I had my shopping list saved on a handy LCD screen, but I do think it would be helpful when shopping with someone else. Maybe if I was able to give my boyfriend a shopping list he'd come back to the cart with more than Oreos, Stella Artois and Odwalla. Sadly, those items do not make up a nutritious meal. I am beginning to think I need a SmartShopper, $149.99. I think it would save me time, money and a few stomach aches. I am also thinking YumSugar's boyfriend should consider getting her a SmartShopper for Valentine's Day.

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NikkiAngel NikkiAngel 10 years
still into the good ol pen and paper ~Love, Peace & Light~
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
This would be great for the hubs and I, since neither of us take the time to write down when we notice we're out of something. Then, when one of us goes to the store, we have no idea what each other noticed was gone, and we forget stuff. We end up at the grocery store picking up odds and ends at least five times a week.
rubialala rubialala 10 years
NessSugar NessSugar 10 years
So much for making cute lists on pretty stationary.
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