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Young Teachers Posting Inappropriate Things on Facebook Pages

When Is It Not OK to Have a Facebook Page?

In Washington DC, some young teachers are taking that whole MySpace thing a little too literally and customizing their Facebook pages with scandalous weekend activities and other inappropriate postings.

A kindergarten teacher posted a sexual ad she would probably protect her class from, one young special ed teacher put up a bumper sticker that said, "You're a retard, but I love you," and many more post themselves partying. Sure, these kids are fresh out of college in their 20s, but do parents of their students care what's normal for 22-year-olds to do?

Many of these teachers said their profiles were private, but they were accessed easily through DC groups — that, combined with changing privacy policies, is enough to keep me from posting much more than a headshot. But what about for people who hold public office, or slightly public jobs like teachers?

Once you get above a certain age, maybe you shouldn't have a MySpace or Facebook page at all, and you should probably really not have one if you have a job where anyone anywhere might Google you. Yes, I see how restrictive that is, but let this article be a lesson to you. For as embarrassing and unprofessional it can be, when should you not have a Facebook page?

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