So we'll say that your date left his phone on the dinner table as he ran to the bathroom before the check came, and the snooper that you are couldn't keep from getting your eyeballs on his contact list. And guess what? He's got a large number of female numbers stashed in his cell. Should you be worried? That's what we'll figure out on this edition of Tech Dating 101.

First of all, what are you doing pilfering through your date's cell phone? Snoopers never win my friends. But if you are legitimately worried about whether or not he's a player, I've got a few options on how to figure the situation out without looking like the jealous type. Find out more when you


  • Ask yourself: What does he do for a living? If your date is in PR, marketing, or any type or advertising, he's going to have a lot of entries, female and male. Don't judge the contact list by its cover.
  • Watch a wandering eye: If your guy is on a date with you and is constantly checking out other scenery, he's probably just not that into you.
  • Go with your gut: If you have a gut reaction after seeing the male-to-female ratio that says this dude is a player, then go with it. Sometimes, listening to the little voice inside that's telling you to run away is the one you should obey. Never mind the fact that he's drop-dead gorgeous, just run.
  • Wait it out: If you're having a good time and aren't looking to marry the guy (well, not yet anyway), then maybe you should go on a couple more dates before you start worrying about how many contacts he has on his email list. Just sayin.