Buzz and Pop headed to LA to check out NBC's TCAs and we're pleased to report that they got some fun insider gaming info on one of the upcoming new shows. "Chuck" is set to be a big hit leading into "Heroes" on Monday night and the main character Zachary Levi (Chuck) and his goofy sidekick BFF Morgan are all about gaming. They revealed that they love their games both in character and in real life as well. In fact, Levi came to the set one day after a disastrous Wii accident. Here's more:

"Yeah I was playing Nintendo Wii and I got 14 stitches. I put my hand through a light fixture in my living room. So I'm cool. Who can cut their hand open playing Nintendo. This guy right here (pointing to himself)."

Apparently, Zach hasn't realized how common it is to get injured while playing the Wii - what with cases of Wiiitis popping up all over the place.

Stay tuned for more about these adorable goofy geeks, their favorite games and more.