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What Are the New Features in Apple iOS 15?

Apple Debuted Its iOS 15 Software Update, and These Are Our Key Takeaways


Here’s a first look at #iOS15 👀

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Apple held its annual World Wide Developers Conference on Monday, and with it came some major announcements specifically iPhone-related (the most crucial of them all). Essentially, Apple will be releasing iOS 15 — a brand new software — come fall, and the update hosts a lot of top-tier upgrades to apps that are worth a discussion. From reinvented FaceTime calls that allow you to share the screen and listen to music with friends to a new focus feature that filters notifications as you work to a whole new way to explore the world with Maps and so much more.

But with any iPhone software reveal, we want to know . . . how will this affect our day-to-day lives? Well for one, we can tell you the FaceTime updates in themselves will change the game (Psst . . . you can now FaceTime with Android users). Anyone with an iPhone 6s and later will be able to receive the update. Read ahead to see some of our key takeaways from iOS 15 that we're most excited about.

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