Sorry, Lefties, the Apple Watch Is Not For You

Left-handed people are known to be creative, so you would think innovative Apple would keep them in mind when creating a new smartwatch. Yet, everything we saw from today's Apple Watch debut makes us think it's not lefty friendly. The "digital crown" is on the right side of the watch and acts as the control-center-meets-home-button. Its location means you have to wear it on your left arm, making it hard for south paws out there. The watch doesn't come out until next year, so maybe there is time for Apple to make an adjustment, especially considering there's already a petition for a left-handed watch.

Would would Steve Jobs, a famous left-hander, think about it all?

Major #AppleWatch flaw discovered: can't be used by left-handed fanboys !! #AppleLive @tim_cook

— Theo Priestley (@ITredux) September 9, 2014

HA! RT @domcoballe: @robwoodbridge @tron tim cook to lefties: you have been using the wrong hand all these yrs.

— Rob Woodbridge (@RobWoodbridge) September 9, 2014

Might as well just start burning lefties on the stake as witches if Apple won't acknowledge us. Demon-brood that we are. #AppleWatch

— Veronica Belmont (@Veronica) September 9, 2014

As a left-handed person, I'm offended by the Apple Watch.

— Chris Vannini (@ChrisVannini) September 9, 2014

If you are left handed and want an Apple Watch please email

— samir mezrahi (@samir) September 9, 2014

#apple No mention of a left handed watch. Seems highly discriminatory.

— Anne Thomas (@AnneWoof) September 9, 2014

Question is, will Apple produce a left-handed version of their watch? Or will us lefties have to keep taking the damn thing off to work it?

— Suw (@Suw) September 9, 2014

ok, so i'm not seeing a apple watch for left handed folks. this is lame

— Carter T Schonwald (@cartazio) September 9, 2014

Apple Watch just works… unless you're left handed

— Keith Barney (@keithbarney) September 9, 2014