Is This the Coolest Way to Wear an Apple Watch?

Does the thought of a minicomputer on your wrist cramp your style? If you've resisted the smartwatch trend because it's more geek than chic, let me introduce you to a new accessory that turns the Apple Watch into an off-the-wrist piece of jewelry, making it more Sherlock Holmes than Inspector Gadget.

The Pendulum Collection by Bucardo, currently in development, promises to transform your Apple Watch into a necklace, locket, or pocket watch. Bucardo is looking for funding on Kickstarter and plans to start prices at $150. One downside of this fashionable modification is that the fitness and health functionalities, some of the most useful, will not work when the watch is off your wrist. But the people behind the pendant say that's partly the point: "There will be instances when you need space from the constant buzz of your virtual world. Whether just for an evening, or all day long, the Pendulum Collection will allow you to be present in the moment."

While the product is beautiful and clever, if you're checking your pocket for the time, you can probably just check your smartphone.