Warning: You Cannot Charge Your Phone With a Microwave

Don't believe everything you see online, kids! Or, at the very least, check the source. One Reddit user uploaded the above picture touting one of iOS 8's greatest features: charging your iPhone with a quick 90-second zap in the microwave. And now the "ad" is spreading across the Internet, with customers eager to ditch tangles of cords once and for all. Repeat after me: microwaves are for food, not iPhones.

Wireless charging in the vein of how the Moto 360 powers up is one thing. But if a trip to your kitchen's microwave to power your next day's worth of iMessages, Instagrams, and Snapchats sounds too good to be true, it is.

Just a year ago, when iOS 7 first launched, some pranksters made a similar ad that the new operating system made phones waterproof. That one's especially baffling.

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