Hey, Don't Sit on Your New iPhone, OK?

Yikes — the new iPhones are being plagued by a new problem . . . "#bendgate." Even though Apple's giant new smartphones are the most durable iPhones it's ever made, photos of bent 6 and 6 Pluses are cropping up all over Twitter (just check out #bendgate and #bentgate), as well as the MacRumors forums and the French blog MacBidouille. So just, don't sit on your new iPhone, OK? This guy bent a phone with his bare hands.

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As far as metals go, aluminum is a pretty soft one. The phone is also very thin (7.1 mm for the 6 Plus and 6.9 mm for the 6) which may be why its hardware is so weak. Users have reported that the phone warps while in the front and back pockets. You might want to consider getting a case if you hope to avoid bendgate. There is also great protection for the iPhone 6.

Source: MacBidouille