17 Epic Selfies to Beat This Year

Facebook | Michael Fletcher

"But first, let me take a selfie," said The Chainsmokers back in 2014, but it still holds true. As 2016 is halfway over and and the selfie "fad" continues to stay, we thought taking a look back at 2015's best selfies was 100 percent necessary — you know, so we can take better ones this year.

Selfies have been everywhere recently, including in videos, with one man taking a selfie every day for eight years and another showing his transition as a transgender man. Google's Year in Search also included a selfie category with the top 10 most searched.

Lay back, look through these selfies, and start to embrace it — if you haven't already.

Reddit user TatumStrangely01

Pro tip: don't take a selfie with a popular celebrity like Coolio if you still have a drink in your hand.

Instagram | christian_leblanc

Even animals decided it was time to take a selfie, like this elephant that took a tourist’s GoPro to snap this gem.

Instagram | kimkardashian

Kim didn't break the Internet in 2015, but she did end up taking this epic selfie with Hillary Clinton.

Reddit user gilsolano12

Selifes were taken everywhere and by everyone, including this hilarious dad who took one with his wife mid-labor.


Sports announcers made fun of these sorority girls for snapping selfies, but the Internet showed their support for them.

Instagram | teensy88

There may be no selfie cuter than one with a popular Australian creature, the Quokka.

Instagram | salygreige_official

The controversy over Miss Israel's selfie takes second place in Google's Year of Search roundup. It sparked massive outrage and Miss Lebanon quickly defended herself.

Instagram | stinasanders

This was the year everything got real on Instagram, including model Stina Sanders showing just how hard it is for her to maintain her look.

Instagram | serenawilliams

Serena Williams's endurance on and off the court proves how much she deserved to be Sports Illustrated's Sportsperson of the year. This selfie captured that.

Instagram | kendalljenner

As the tenth most liked Instagram photo this year, Kendall's selfie thanking her fans got major love.

Facebook | Michael Fletcher

In what may be the most American photo ever, brothers Michael and Neil Fletcher scored this selfie after helping the eagle out.

Instagram | selenagomez

Selena Gomez's casual look is number seven on a list of Instagram's most liked photos this year.

Instagram | jamesfrancotv

James Franco is never far away in pop culture, and his never ending love of taking selfies placed him in the number six spot in Google's "Selfie" category in its Year in Search roundup.

Instagram | taylorswift

Taylor Swift's selfie with her cat, Meredith, scored the ninth spot in Instagram's most liked photos of the year.

Instagram | socalitybarbie

And of course, our favorite selfie is from Barbie herself. The Instagram parody account around "Socality Barbie" lasted way too short a time, but ultimately showed us how ridiculous some photos on the social media platform can be.