Meet the Top 10 Vine Stars of All Time

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By Stephanie Chan


Vine's six-second video loops are the latest forum for today's Internet Famous. Like YouTube and Instagram, Vine now hosts online celebrities with giant, legitimate followings. Here at ReadWrite, we've told you about how Vine stars spawned real-life teenage pandemonium and also how some short video celebs branch off to become stars on other platforms like Snapchat.

For the uninitiated, Vine is a video-sharing service, created in 2012, and acquired by Twitter in October of the same year. The service allows users to upload six-second videos that constantly replay on loops. Popular "Viners" are lauded for conveying humor, information, or creativity in such a fleeting portion of time.

Here are the 10 most subscribed Vine stars of September 2014:

10. Josh Peck

Followers: 5,601,716
Loops: 456,526,885

9. Rudy Mancuso

Followers: 5,810,289
Loops: 1,035,402,478

8. Jerry Purpdrank

Followers: 5,847,862
Loops: 1,350,487,067

7. Cameron Dallas

Followers: 5,892,021
Loops: 767,361,065

6. Curtis Lepore

Followers: 6,094,762
Loops: 849,369,479

5. Alx James

Followers: 6,215,374
Loops: 912,042,151

4. Jerome Jarre

Followers: 7,326,463
Loops: 770,902,298

3. Brittany Furlan

Followers: 7,410,784
Loops: 1,288,339,388

2. KingBach

Followers: 8,448,663
Loops: 1,299,765,141

1. Nash Grier

Followers: 9,589,738
Loops: 1,038,126,059

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