This Christmas Brain-Teaser Is Deceptively Tricky — Can You Solve It?

I love a good brain-teaser, especially one that challenges me to locate objects hidden in a cluttered picture à la those I Spy books I used to hoard and relentlessly scour back in the day. The latest search-and-find game to circulate the internet puts a fun holiday spin on the concept, challenging viewers to spot five turkeys in a chaotic Christmas scene. Designed by the folks over at Stay in Cornwall, the brain-teaser may sound like a piece of (fruit)cake, but it actually takes most people between three and four minutes to successfully complete.

Despite the solid I Spy track record I maintained during my childhood, these sneaky birds had me stumped, as I could personally only find four before caving and looking at the solution. Can't find that fifth hidden turkey in the midst of the festive scene? Check out the solution ahead to see 'em circled in pink, and then take a stab at this emoji brain-teaser if you're really in the mood to test your brainpower.

Stay in Cornwall