You Won't Ever Want to Try Something You See on the Internet Again After Watching This Video

There are plenty of internet challenges that are pretty harmless. But every now and then, one dare pops up that no one should try because it's simply too dangerous. One young girl learned that lesson the hard way after trying the latest trend and getting a chunk of hair pulled out from her head.

The trend, called the corn drill challenge, originated when a vlogger called Eater Yang ate an entire corn cob in 10 seconds by putting it on a power drill. Though the video is fun to watch, it's clearly something no one should attempt — except this girl from China did. As she attempted the challenge, some strands of her hair got caught in the drill and promptly ripped from her scalp. The result? A large bald patch on her head. In a video from LiveLeaks, the girl is seen receiving treatment, and the website reports that the doctor "says [her] hair will grow like normal." Watch the two videos below.


— く り す け 。 (@_kryzt) May 7, 2016

The lesson to take away here? Don't try any challenge that looks even remotely dangerous. You could end up like this poor girl or worse.