The Story of This Dog's 3D-Printed Paws Will Melt Your Heart

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One foster pup's life was forever changed thanks to the magic of 3D printing. Derby was born with deformed front legs that made it hard for him to run and play with other dogs. When Tara Anderson — the director of product management at a 3D-printing company called 3D Systems — came across Derby's story, her heart melted, and she took him in.

Derby had a wheeled cart that wasn't very mobile, so 3D Systems started developing customizable blade-like attachments for Derby's front paws. The ability to rapidly prototype models meant that the company was able to make multiple versions (up to 10!) to make sure the prosthetics fit just right. Today, Derby scampers around just like his other dog friends on his new bionic limbs. Watch the video to learn about Derby's inspiring story!