A Custom-Made TARDIS Makes This the Best Proposal in All of Space and Time

When you're about to make the biggest declaration of love in your life, getting on one knee under a pretty sunset just won't do. What any real Time Lord, ready to battle all of space and time for their beloved, needs is . . . a handmade TARDIS. We've seen some pretty amazing real-world examples of Doctor Who weddings, but Bill Cindrich's went totally bespoke when he proposed to his now fiancée with a TARDIS he built himself.

Bill used tardisbuilders.com as inspiration for the overall size and construction of the spaceship. But picking the right blue for the TARDIS exterior was difficult, he says. "The color took weeks to pick out. It was crazy stressful." In true Whovian fashion, it even has a key!

And the bride-to-be's thoughts on a TARDIS in her yard? According to Bill, she "loves having her own spaceship."

Reddit user muffinman5423 via Imgur