Domino's Newest Innovation Will Bring Endless Joy to Your Friday Pizza Night

Your Friday night pizza delivery is about to look like something out of the future with the latest innovation from Domino's. The chain has already made it possible to order a meal with a press of a button and emoji. And now, Domino's Australia has announced the newest member of its team, DRU (short for Domino's Robotic Unit). It's a self-ruling robot equipped to keep your food hot and your drinks cold and deliver your order without the help of any humans.

The four-wheel vehicle was designed to travel (on its own) to deliver from any Domino's location to your front door. The prototype is fully equipped with a sleek appearance, lighting, and on-board sensors to detect obstacles and navigate directions while in motion. Most importantly, DRU comes with a friendly persona, so you won't have to deal with grumpy delivery people.

While the pizza robot is a futuristic innovation that will change the food service business forever, the machine is still undergoing a series of trials before it delivers your weekend pizza. Check out more about how DRU was developed and see it in action in the video below.

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