Although people are starting to line up In New York City to ensure that they get their hands on the hotly-anticipated new iPhone 3G, the majority of you said you wouldn't stand in line for a gadget. Therefore, I doubt any of you will be signing into eBay to bid on a place in line in San Francisco!

An eager seller is starting the bidding at $5,000, and if you win, he or she will stand in line for you, holding your spot until right before the doors open and you pull cutsies to claim your spot and your new phone. The seller/line-stander will also arrange for a limo to whisk you away after you depart the Apple store.

That five grand is obviously steep, but 90 percent of it will go to the nonprofit organization Farm Sanctuary. Opportunities like this don't come around every day: Save farm animals, lose over 5,000 bucks AND get your iPhone in one fell swoop!