Harry Potter Nerds Will Cry Over This Moment From the Fantastic Beasts Comic-Con Panel

Between all the magical moments at this year's Warner Bros. Comic-Con panel, the most touching went back to the basics: actual, outright magic. When presenting the trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, star Eddie Redmayne didn't simply press play — instead, he and the cast gave out replicas of character Newt Scamander's wand and led the crowd in a chant of the illumination charm "Lumos Maxima." Every Potterhead in the packed Hall H (which seats 6,500) lifted their new wand to the sky and recited the charm, and the result will give you chills.

Eddie Redmayne conducts a mass wanding at #FantasticBeastsSDCC pic.twitter.com/rL9CT5R7WC

— Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) July 23, 2016

The act of Potter fans lifting their wands together is a symbolic one, often serving as a heartfelt memorial in times of darkness. But despite all the madness in the world lately, this inspiring moment at the Comic-Con panel was one of celebration, welcoming a new era of JK Rowling's magical world. Say it with us: "Lumos Maxima!" Now, where can we find one of those cool new wands?

THE NEW ERA OF THE WIZARDING WORLD #FantasticBeastsSDCC pic.twitter.com/UDjvnc5vXY

— ninao (@ohpasquim) July 23, 2016

THE MAGIC NEVER ENDS #FantasticBeastsSDCC pic.twitter.com/CZGk0opWEK

— 꽃 VEM MIXTAPE (@btspotter) July 23, 2016

I couldn't be more excited for Fantastic Beasts! ⚡#FantasticBeastsSDCC pic.twitter.com/TAKoAeg4E9

— The Ravenclaw Wizard (@hogwartsIife) July 23, 2016

Watch Eddit Redmayne lead the #sdcc crowd in lumos maximus! #FantasticBeastsSDCC pic.twitter.com/eCWSYVwhm1

— Fandango (@Fandango) July 23, 2016