You'll Be Inspired By How 1 Man Used Facebook to Save a Restaurant

People tend to use Facebook mostly to complain about things they don't like or when a company really screws up. But every now and then, people write empowering messages meant to help others, like Colin Ross, who wrote a post asking people to visit Whitbie's Fish and Chips restaurant in Canada. The internet responded and brought the restaurant back to life.

Ross first posted a message on his Facebook page on Aug. 21. In it, he talked about how he was a little hungover when he went to Whitbie's Fish and Chips restaurant in Lethbridge and ate a great meal there. But when he first entered the place, he spoke to the owner who told him he "can't even pay himself at the end of the day." At the end of his post, he asked everyone in the town of Lethbridge to share his post and visit Whitbie's. With more than 8,000 shares so far, the restaurant saw more than 400 people on Aug. 23 and then 500 people on Aug. 24. "We just got crashed yesterday," said John McMillan to Global News. "We did not know what to expect. It was the biggest day I have had in seven years."

Read Ross's full Facebook post below, and see photos he posted about the lines at Whitbie's. Maybe you'll get inspired to do a random act of kindness yourself!