8 Hilarious Things That Will #FixTheInternet

Kim Kardashian — reality star, wife of Kanye, mom — sent the Internet into a frenzy with her latest magazine cover. She indeed broke the Internet as intended, and, today, Twitter is trying to fix it. The hashtag #FixTheInternet is trending, and we've rounded up the best solutions the people of the web have to offer. Enjoy.

Have you turned it off and then on again?

Frenchies > Kim K.

Just saved the Internet. You're welcome. #FixTheInternet pic.twitter.com/NcdjYh8LE5

— Superman (@SupermanTweets) November 13, 2014

Superman and 'Merica to the rescue.

Who ever made this has fixed my heart and the internet #FixTheInternet pic.twitter.com/5uGSKIf3y7

— Freckles (@FrecksTheWriter) November 13, 2014


"The Only Way to Make People Actually Care about the #CometLanding" #BreakTheInternet Kim K #FixTheInternet pic.twitter.com/y0bxrPVWb6

— CollegeHumor (@CollegeHumor) November 13, 2014

Humanity landed a probe on a comet yesterday. But hardly anyone knew because the Internet was broken. :(

I can't believe Kim Kardashian copied my photo shoot from when I got that really bad sunburn in 2009. #FixTheInternet pic.twitter.com/JbZ9UVU8TB

— Brock Baker (@BrockBaker) November 13, 2014



My fans raised $150,000 2 save a 6yr with brain tumor.When she passed they immortalized her as a pony #FixTheInternet pic.twitter.com/Ud0gaEUvdN

— tara strong (@tarastrong) November 13, 2014

And finally, the most touching solution of all.