1 Guy Perfectly Captures the Struggles of Flying Alone in a Hilarious Snapchat Story

In-flight boredom is a thing of the past thanks to Snapchat — and this person totally nails why. Imgur user TwentyBucksIsTwentyBucks ended up on a flight with an entire row to himself with nothing to do. So, instead of becoming bored, he decided to stay entertained by creating a Snapchat story with stick figures to hilariously describe the struggles of flying.

He cleverly inserted relatable situations and characters into his story, like fighting with your neighbor for elbow room, the inevitable crying baby, and people watching during a layover. His snaps, along with many others, just prove that when you need some good entertaining, getting creative on Snapchat can easily solve your problems. Read on to see his hilarious travel story unfold.