34 of the Most Hilarious Grandparent Texts

If you're lucky enough to have grandparents who text, you probably find yourself LOL-ing all the time. Not because you're making fun of them (OK, yes), but because they say the most hilarious things when they type — even funnier than mom texts and dad texts. See the best ones on the web, and show them to granny and gramps for a laugh.

At Least She's Polite

When Will It Stop?!

Thanks For the Emoji

Breaking News

"Grandma Sent Me This . . . Slowest Picture Message Ever."

When Grandpa Doesn't Know How to Text

So he writes things down on a piece of paper and sends a picture.

Someone's Read Too Much About Slang

Waiting For Dinner


What a Tease

Someone, Anyone, Help Her

"Practicing Your Sex Tape"

Serious Binge Watcher


"I don't know the word emoji"


That's Deep

Best Gift Giver Ever

Someone Doesn't Know the Space Bar Exists

Tough Choice


Just Call Her Already!

This Is Dark

Emoji Queen

Don't You Ever Laugh at Her

"How My Grandpa Responds to All My Text Messages"



Oh, Granny

One Space Too Many