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geeksugar's 30 Day EA Sports Active Challenge 2009-06-24 14:00:26

EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge: Week Three

It's hard to believe I'm already in the throws of week three of the EA Sports Active challenge. I learned a lot after last week's trials and tribulations, so I decided to step it up a bit this week.

I took to Target and purchased a fancy resistance band that included handles and all, and as backup, I also got a box of three bands offering different resistances. I got all excited to take my upper body exercises to the next level, but as soon as it got to bicep curls with upright rows, there was zero communication between the Wii and my movements. What had I done? I was still holding the Wiimote and nunchuck in the same position.

After many attempts and putting new batteries in the Wiimote (by this time I was halfway through my workout and was getting really frustrated), I decided to take the basic band I purchased and put it on the black handles which were included in the workout — so it looked exactly like the red one except with a stronger resistance band. Bingo, that seemed to work just fine. But now that I'm catching on to the exercises fairly quickly, I am easily irritated when the game tells me I'm moving too fast and it won't pick up a signal with my Wiimote. Has anyone else had this happen? The Wii sensor was on the top of my TV, so I even tried moving it down to see if that would help.


To keep reading about my experience with the Challenge this past week, just


I can't say I feel like the pounds are shedding off, but I do feel stronger and my muscles feel tighter. Since there's a bit of a delay between each exercise, I try to use that opportunity to run longer, or do more reps of each exercise. I've started ignoring the calorie counter since it still goes up when I'm not doing anything (like having Wii sensor issues). I can say, it's one of the few at-home fitness regimens I don't dread doing.

Wondering how the Green Pixels group is doing this week? Check out their progress!

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