Just two months shy of geeking out with Samantha Ronson at the TechCrunch50/MySpace Party, I found myself at another fabulous MySpace party last night at the beautiful Old Mint building in San Francisco — hello?! Lionel Richie performed! This time, it was a MySpace 2.0 party celebrating MySpace Music and the latest partnership between Ashton Kutcher's production company, Katalyst Media, and MySpace. The second season of Kutcher's web series Blah Girls is expected to debut on MySpace early next year — in addition to all previous episodes from season one.

Last night PopSugar caught up with Ashton to chat about how his step-daughters played a role in creating his new web animation series Blah Girls, and I got the chance to talk with MySpace CEO about MySpace Music and what else we can expect from MySpace in the next year. Here's what he had to say:

  • On MySpace Music: "We've gotten a lot done in the last year. Obviously MySpace music is one of the biggest ventures that we've done. We have a new profile type that we're rolling out really soon where you can customize your profile and have any kind of background you want and that will be really cool. Complete redesign — and in addition to that we'll be adding nearly every mobile feature — a lot of exciting stuff."
  • On what the redesign will entail: "More music and then tons of videos and then more functionality around the music where you'll be able to take it with you."