I hate to out my mom as a nongeek, but she's certainly not the most gadget-conscious person out there. She has a BlackBerry but refuses to set up her email. She has an iPod but hasn't updated the music since she first got it. And, on more than one occasion she has called me and said "so, how do I get to On Demand shows again?" Maybe she's just old school, but I've made it my duty to try and keep her gadget collection up to date. Besides, she can't help it if she's a smart, trendy person that doesn't love gadgets, right?

Hardworking moms deserve to be pampered, so if money is no object I suggest getting the mom in your life TiVo (it's about $200 for the 80-Hour Dual-Tuner and about $500 for the HD Digital Media Recorder) or the iPhone ($399.) The Flip Video Camera, $120, is also perfect for anyone because it's compact and easy to use.