Welcome to Apple HQ with geeksugar! I'm reporting live from Cupertino to bring you today's big Apple news. Will we be hearing about the new MacBooks yet?! So far we've heard an intro from Steve Jobs himself, saying, "Today's about notebooks." Let's get started then, shall we?

COO of Apple, Tim Cook, presented us with the current "State of the Mac." What is the state then? Cook says that Macs have grown 2-3 times because of six big factors:

1) Better computers — iMac's all-in-one design, the MacBook Air
2) Better software — Leopard, which he says is far ahead of Vista (BURN), plus things like iLife and iWork
3) Compatibility — People are able to switch from PCs to Macs more easily due to Bootcamp, Fusion, and Parallels
4) Vista — Yes, Cook cited Vista as a reason for Mac's growth. Namely, the fact that its failure has pushed people toward Macs. "It's fair to say that Vista has not lived up to what Microsoft wanted."
5) Marketing — The "Get a Mac" ads
6) Retail Stores — 247 stores in 8 countries with 400,000 visitors per day. Wow!

Stay tuned for the big announcements!