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geeksugar Review of iPhone 3.0 OS Firmware Update

A Whole New World: My Fave Things About the iPhone 3.0 OS

Since downloading the iPhone's new 3.0 OS, I've had a chance to try out pretty much everything and decide what I love and what I like (so far, nothing to hate).

I will say this: the copious changes are like having a whole new iPhone — I definitely felt like I had a new device, the experience is so different. What do I like the most? To see my favorites, just


  1. Spotlight: I have to say, Spotlight is definitely my favorite thing to have on the iPhone, as simple as it is. It's probably because I keep swiping my main screen to the right and accidentally going into the search, so that does take some getting used to. I'm still impressed, though, that Spotlight searches everything: apps, contacts, songs, and video. I like it best for apps since I've downloaded so many and they're not organized in any fashion at all.
  2. Email Search: Sense a trend? I'm a simple girl. Having gotten used to Google and Gmail, I simply need to be able to search efficiently and get extremely frustrated when I can't. But the new search changes all that — before, if you wanted to use Gmail's great search function, you had to sign in to your account from Safari, which was such a hassle, I just wouldn't use search unless it was an emergency. Now that the mail app has search, I can finally hunt for stuff in my mail without going anywhere. But beware: this is not Gmail search. You can't search your chat records like you can in Gmail, but you do have access to your entire inbox. And it's pretty freakin' fast.
  3. Find My iPhone: The one feature I hope I never have to use! Since I have MobileMe, I get to use Find My iPhone and tested out pushing a message on my phone. Take that, would-be thieves!
  4. MMS: Not having the multimedia messaging functionality was the one thing that drove me nuts. It wasn't even that I loved being able to receive MMS, but getting a message saying I had one and could check it only online with some crazy username and password just meant that I never ever saw those videos or photos. I'm still looking forward to it though — soon, please, AT&T?
  5. Copy/Paste: Sure, I'm psyched to get copy/paste, but it's not an everyday feature that I need like search. But still, knowing I can cut, copy, and paste is certainly comforting.

Of course, there are a ton more new features — an improved camera, Voice Memos, a landscape keyboard, but the above features have already made a big difference for me. What's your favorite thing about OS 3.0?


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Ashlie-H Ashlie-H 7 years
Me too! Can't wait until tomorrow!
blossommac blossommac 7 years
is ALL about the Iphone... is really hard to fine something about the Ipod touch, what it will happed with the support for the ipod touch
Tech Tech 7 years
Nope, I don't have MMS either yet — it's just one of my favorite things about the OS.
SB-Marilyn SB-Marilyn 7 years
One of the less sexy features out there is the A2DP- basically playing your music over your bluetooth. My new car supports this and I'm in heaven. I can play all my music and podcasts through my car stereo without any cables or wires. Also for the first time I'm able to play my voicemails over my car stereo.
hyzenthlay20 hyzenthlay20 7 years
Same as Sonya! Can HARDLY WAIT!
leslievanhouten leslievanhouten 7 years
Do you live outside of the US? because MMS is STILL not supported by AT&T. At least not until the end of summer. That's my biggest peeve still. I hated that I couldn't forward contacts, but I have the option to email them now, which is ok, but sending a contact from one phone to another should be a given, and it makes a lot more sense. And don't get me started on the picture thing.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 7 years
I'll tell you once I get my new iPhone tomorrow! : D
Aubri Aubri 7 years
I'm loving all the new features! I was so excited to upgrade, I couldn't stand being at work any longer waiting lol
JessaG JessaG 7 years
I am also loving the landscape keyboard, so much better...I can type that much faster. I also am so loving the find my phone. Granted I never want to have to use it, but I cannot tell you how many times I have left my phone upstairs, or in the couch, and wasted time looking for it/calling it. It is a genius idea. Though I am basically loving it all. :)
mcjx3 mcjx3 7 years
landscape keyboard! finally my fingers get to stretch out :]
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