Flip Video Announces New FlipShare Video Sharing Software

The best thing I learned in kindergarten was that sharing is caring, and that's still one of my major tenets. It's one for Flip Video too — the company whose simple, portable video cameras made it easy to capture video is now making it just as easy to share the videos you make with your camera with new FlipShare software, just announced today.

FlipShare allows you to easily upload videos to websites like YouTube and MySpace, email them to friends, and sets you up with your own Flip Channel, where you can watch videos on the go. Speaking of on the go, there's also a new free FlipShare iPhone app.

I was lucky enough to test out the new FlipShare software and give it a hands-on review, so to see how I got going with the new one-click sharing, just



I tried out FlipShare with the help of a Flip UltraHD, and opened up the new software (starting today, all camcorders will be shipped with this new version of software on the camera, and current users can download it from the Flip website). After I installed FlipShare, my videos automatically uploaded into the application. From there, I could edit my videos or send them with one click to my YouTube account or newly-created Flip Channel (note: It looks like you can only use videos in FlipShare that you're uploading directly from the camera, rather than existing videos on your camera).

Everything is pretty intuitive, with sharing options located in the title bar, and though I had to take a minute to link my FlipShare account with my YouTube account and set up my Flip Channel, from then on, everything truly was "one-click." I put up a video on YouTube. I emailed my mother a video. I made a movie into a greeting card. I sent it to my channel. Did I mention I did all these steps within a few minutes?!

Once you have videos in the FlipShare application, pretty much everything is drag and drop. You can also create DVDs from this application, so it kind of functions like iPhoto, but with features specifically tailored to a Flip Video camera. I am positive that I could give the least tech-savvy person in my family a Flip, and they'd be able to navigate this software with ease.

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