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Tech History Exam: Do You Know Your Important Dates?

We all remember the sound of a dial-up Internet connection and our first time entering a chat room, but do you remember what year it was? We can all use a little lesson in tech history trivia, so take my quiz and see how well you can recall your important dates. You won't win a prize, but you sure will earn some bragging rights!

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What year was the Apple II computer released?

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Which came first: the NES, Atari 2600, Laserdisc, or the home VCR?

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Pixar was formed in what year?

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Which of these BlackBerrys was released first?

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The Universal Time Stamp (or Unix time) began on _________________, 1970.

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Super Mario Bros was released in what year?

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MP3's were approved as a standard form of data encoding in _______.

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The Sega Dreamcast was released after the Sega Saturn.

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LucasFilm opened its doors in 1971. Star Wars was released in 1977. Lucas then opened his new graphic arts and gaming division called LucasArts in what year?

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The first home computer was released in 1982.

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