The Beauty of Everyday Life as Seen Through Google Glass

Richard Koci Hernandez is an Emmy Award-winning photojournalist, a professor of new media, and a skilled street photographer, and now, he's a Google Glass explorer. Through his Instagram account, koci_glass, Richard presents an artful take on Google's wearable tech, which has outstanding "sharpness and clarity for only 5MP," according to the photographer. Richard's standard camera is an iPhone, which captures 8MP images.

Google Glass's lens is a little wide for Richard's style, which is probably why in many photos he stacked multiple shots into diptychs and triptychs. He'll typically upload the Google Glass images onto his iPhone and edit the photos with the Google+, Mextures, Diptic, Snapseed, or Vsco photo apps. In the gallery, see the best street photography from @koci_glass, all taken via Google's augmented-reality eyewear in New York, Berkeley, and San Francisco.

The photographer took a self-portrait in the reflection of a Muni bus window.

Richard favors a heavily textured, black and white image.

This Glass/iPhone collaboration image was taken at UC Berkeley.

The Diptic app was used to create this abstract photo collage.

This photo, which was edited using Vsco, Mextures, and Diptic, has such a bright, beautiful palette.

Richard juxtaposed the defined silhouette of a man with a gauzy, ethereal image of a sun setting over a field. The textured look was created with the Mextures app.

The photographer was "stunned at the quality" of Google Glass's 5MP camera (video capture is 720p) in this, his first photo from the wearable tech.