Grumpy Cat's Guide to Having the Worst Christmas Ever

When you're a world-famous grump, "the most wonderful time of the year" is absolutely dreadful. Just ask Grumpy Cat, who is spreading her lack of Christmas cheer with the world through Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever, a Lifetime movie that premieres on Nov. 29. Transitioning from Internet stardom to the big screen is no picnic, which is why we sat down with the meme-inspiring feline to discuss precisely how grumpy she is about, well . . . everything. While spending time in San Francisco advocating for homeless pets with the SPCA, Grumpy spilled the beans to us about her movie, favorite Instagram filter, and more!

POPSUGAR: How do you cope with being a film star as well as a massive Internet sensation?

Grumpy Cat: I spent a lot of time in my trailer, napping.

PS: Where was the film shot? I saw a lot of indoor shots in the trailer!

GC: It was all in the Coquitlam mall in Vancouver, Canada. I had three stunt doubles while filming — puppets made by the Jim Henson Company. I can't fly or do most of the things from the movie.

PS: And you know you've made it when you have stunt doubles, right?

GC: Exactly. I did drive, though.

PS: Online, people tend to talk a lot about their "spirit animal," and you've become the spirit animal of a generation . . . but who is yours?

GC: My heroes of grumpiness are Grumpy the Dwarf, Garfield, and Eeyore . . . you know, some of the really important grumps that came before me.

PS: And what's the ideal Instagram filter for looking as Grumpy as possible?

GC: I'm usually a no-filter kind of cat. My frown comes really naturally and doesn't need anything else to keep it real. I'm still "Grumpy From the Block," you know?

PS: What's your favorite hashtag?

GC: Just #NO.

PS: Since your movie focuses on the "worst Christmas ever," which part of Christmas do you hate the least?

GC: Christmas dinner is tolerable, but it might be the inevitable family arguments.

PS: There's always bound to be drama at Christmas! Do you at least have a favorite part about Christmas as well?

GC: Oh, the cheer. Definitely the holiday cheer.