There Are More Horses in This Painting Than Your Eyes Can Register

Another day, another optical illusion to drive you mad. Today, we bring you the mystery of counting how many camouflaged horses you see in this painting. It might appear easy to spot at first glance, until you start confusing the snowy mountain with the horses' patched pinto coats with one another. Bev Doolittle, the artist who created this painting, is known for depicting disguised horses — but we have to admit, this might be her most puzzling. Think you know the answer? Look for yourself.

Bev Doolittle

The number of horses in this painting was hotly debated at the POPSUGAR offices. Some saw three, others saw four. Guess what? There are actually five horses: one in the foreground to the left and four grouped together on the right side. Time to challenge your friends' eyes and find out what they see!