You Can Put Physical Photos Onto Your Phone's Camera Roll Using the Notes App — Here's How

Everyone loves a good Polaroid. It's perfect for keeping a memory in a compact and cute way, but the struggle starts when you want to get said Polaroids onto your phone's camera roll. Taking photos of your photos just makes them less clear, and the Polaroids are usually covered in glares. But the good news is there's an easy fix for this!

TikTok user Ashley Millar (@itsmillartime) shared the easy way to get Polaroids into your camera roll. All iPhone users need to do is open the Notes app, then open a new note. In that note, select the small camera icon above the keyboard (it's in between the check mark and marker icon). Once you click on the camera, three options will open: scan documents, take photo or video, and photo library. Choose scan documents. You should then position the whole Polaroid in view, and your phone will scan the photograph! That way the picture is perfectly clear and there are no glares in sight. Such a game changer!