The Genius Netflix Hack That Was Made For You and Your Friends

These days, who doesn't wish they could watch the newest season of Orange Is the New Black with their long-distance best friend? Instead of attempting to Skype with someone or press play at just the right second, a new service called Showgoers will sync up both of your Netflix screens so you can watch a show or movie at the same time.

The free extension, which came out in July and is only available for Google Chrome right now, works pretty well and is easy to use. Just install the extension, find a show and click on the glasses in the corner, send the link to a friend — and bam! You both can view a show or movie together. Here's a demo video if you want to see it at work.

click to play video

I tried it, and it's awesome that this finally exists — especially when a friend and I just want to watch an old episode of Gossip Girl together as a guilty pleasure. Yet another reason to binge-watch on Netflix.