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iCloud, iOS 5, and OSX Lion News

Apple to Announce iCloud, iOS 5, and OSX Lion Details at 2011 WWDC

Historically, WWDC has meant iPhone mania for geeks around the world, but since this year's model is said to be delayed for another few months, Apple has to fill the gaps with something juicy. Enter Apple's rumored cloud storage service, dubbed iCloud. In a press release earlier this morning, Apple confirmed these announcements, which are to be delivered by Steve Jobs himself (along with his team of executives) on Monday, June 6. We'll be following the events live, but you can get an idea of what to expect from each service below!

iCloud should allow you to sync your music, folders, emails, contacts, and documents across multiple machines, making it easier to go from your desktop to laptop to iPad when you're on the go. Additionally, iCloud may have an integrated media stream, which would allow you to view and edit your images and videos from all of your machines. Of course, iCloud wouldn't be complete without some sort of music storage feature, so expect Apple to show up prepared to battle against Google's Music Beta. In a perfect world, this iCloud service would be free for all Mac users, but I'm guessing it will come with a price, just like MobileMe did at its launch.

iOS 5
Little is known about the next iOS update, but we may be able to expect better notifications, improved voice recognition software, and possibly widgets.


Get the details on OSX Lion after the jump.

OSX Lion
Steve Jobs gave us a sneak preview of OSX Lion last October, which includes new features like:

  • Launchpad — A place to store all your Mac apps, iPhone and iPad style. Click on the Launchpad icon, and all of your Mac apps appear in grid form; you can even set up folders just like you do on your mobile iDevices.
  • Mission Control — This feature shows you everything that's open on your computer. Combining Expose, your dashboard, widgets, apps, and any open documents, you can see everything in one glance.
  • Multitouch gestures and animations — Used with new Magic mouse, trackpad, and tablets (not by touch screens on computers), more multitouch abilities will make using your Mac more like the experience you get on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Autosave — A magical addition, autosave is the feature you won't know you needed until you have it! Mac OSX Lion
  • Resume — Another awesome, yet totally welcome addition, Resume allows you to pick up where you left off after restarting your computer. Say there's a software update that needs tending to. With Resume in the mix, all of your open apps, webpages, and documents will start back up and save where you left off. Amazing!
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